The art of driving slow in Vietnam is hard learned but even more handsomely rewarded. 

The temptation is always to drive fast in Saigon. Always to fill the gap. Always to keep on moving. It's easy to get yourself into the mindset that you must do so, given the frantic pace of the city, but this will only ever lead to a sense of dissatisfaction. 

If you feel like you should always be moving fast, then you are going to spend the majority of your time feeling like you've been done some sort of serious injustice. There is simply not enough space to do so. 

Driving in the city is all acceleration and hard breaking; all gaps missed and lights changing from green to red. 

That is, until you realise there is another way. 

Take a trip with one of the local Old Boys and you'll immediately be served another perspective on Saigon. Their snail-like pace and general refusal to indulge in any sort of mania seems maddening at first, but once you try it for yourself, you soon see that this is the only way to drive around the city.

Then, Saigon moves at your pace. Then, you are in control.



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