The uncertainty of driving in Saigon is not due to the number of other drivers - which is fixed and uncontrollable - but rather one's mood which is fickle and, unfortunately, also uncontrollable. 

There are times when it can seem like you're moving through the traffic as if the whole thing has been preordained; where the world feels knitted together as you flow along the at once obvious and incomprehensible 'path'. 

And then there are others when even the mildest of jerks of the bike beside you can feel like an clear and unquestionable threat to your very being.

Given this unpredictability, it's easier to imagine the whole process as a hyper-realistic video game than something that is actually happening in your physical world. Then, the city comes one big biking all-terrain course equipped with bonus points for curb hops and gold stars for dodging banh mi ladies. 

This may seem personally irresponsible and generally disrespectful towards Gods of the Roads in Saigon, but then any rational assessment of the safety of driving in this city would only serve to paralyze those attempting to do so and hence make their endeavor even more dangerous.

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